Delivering Paradise

Puzzling through Romance Series: Book 4

A midwife’s duty, an islander’s charm – a rendezvous of hearts.

In the midst of the remote, tropical paradise where duty calls, midwife Mavis is unexpectedly drawn to Jackson, a magnetic islander with a heart as untamed as the land itself. As she waits for her best friend’s impending labor, Mavis plunges into thrilling exploits with Jackson, unearthing a vibrant, daring side of her she left dormant for too long.

The approaching birth threatens to pull her back into her conventional life, while Jackson’s allure anchors her to this beguiling island. Mavis finds herself in a whirl of decisions – a life of predictable comfort or the wild love budding under the island sun.

What will arrive first on this island: a baby or a confession of love?

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