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Loves Cats Series: Book 2

Katrina ‘s new Loves Cats App is live!

Launching her new app should have been Katrina’s moment of triumph as she finds dozens of shelter cats new homes. Things were going well with her new boyfriend, Patrick, until everything is upended when Jared, her mysterious ex-boyfriend, and art forger reentered the picture. Suddenly, Katrina finds herself drawn into a world of art theft, secret codes hidden in paintings, and shadowy figures chasing a fortune. With her trusty feline companion, Willa the werewolf cat, at her side and sweet Patrick supporting her, Katrina braves this treacherous world, where every painting could hold a secret and every brush stroke could lead to danger. Little does she know that her love for Willa and her connection with Jared will make her a player in a high-stakes game of theft and deception.

Torn from the life she was building, her new app might be her only hope.

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