Willa’s Blooper Reel

10 Prequel Scenes from the Loves Cats Series

Katrina opened the door of the cat carrier, and a dark shape darted out and under the furniture. All she could see were two bright yellow eyes glowing within the shadows. Poor baby, you have been out on your own for so long. It’s going to take a while to earn your trust.

She went to the kitchen and unpacked the brand new food dish she purchased. She poured cat food and filled up the waterer and set it on the floor. There was no movement under the couch, so Katrina went about busily preparing the new litter box. 

Katrina went into her bedroom to change out of her work clothes and into comfier clothing. She came back out to hear a crunching noise in the kitchen. When she neared the kitchen, an ugly Lykoi werewolf cat stood there. Her thin gray and black wiry fur had patches missing, and one of her ears stuck out at a weird angle. Stock still, she watched Katrina’s every movement. 

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