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Typing by moonlight and powered by tea, I love reading and writing whenever I can fit it in. I find a good mind boggling puzzle or escape room exhilarating and was excited to include them in my latest works. I hope you enjoy my puzzling twist on romance and join my characters for many more adventures!

Miranda Herald is an author and serial writer of adventure romance novels. With a passion for storytelling from a young age, Miranda has always been drawn to the worlds of action and romance, and her writing reflects this love.

Her stories are known for their complex characters, vivid descriptions, and heart-pumping action. When she’s not writing, Miranda enjoys her hobby farm, and spends time with her husband and four children. She currently lives in Pennsylvania, where she draws inspiration for her writing from the natural beauty of the surrounding area.

With each new novel, Miranda continues to push the boundaries of the adventure romance genre, and her fans eagerly await each new release. She looks forward to sharing many more exciting stories with her readers in the years to come.

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