Cozy Adventure Club Members Only!

I found this ancient map to guide you to the top secret hideout of Cozy Adventure Club where you will find a hoard of cozy fantasy and sweet adventure romance stories. Only the truly dedicated book lovers are invited, so please don’t share! There will be many puzzles, traps, and possibly dragons on your journey, but I believe that you have the perseverance to make it! Cozy reader, are you ready to take on this challenge?

You’re almost there! Pack your reading glasses, tea cups, and teckla game pieces. It might not always be easy, but believe me, it will be worth the journey. Why should you continue and risk having to fight your way past the mighty dragon guarding the Cozy Adventure Club Secret Hideout?

Inside Cozy Adventure Club you will find:

🌟 A library teaming with Miranda Herald’s previously published books (currently eight and counting with cozy dragon stories coming soon.)

🌟 Early Access to work’s in progress (currently Practical Guide to Magical Farming)

🌟 Bonus content and behind the scenes information not available anywhere else (Exclusive Practical Guide to Briarhaven’s Magical Creatures is only available here!)

🌟 Book club community where you get to interact directly with the author, Miranda Herald, and even help shape her future novels. (Your quests have only begun!)

Oh, no the dragon found you! Prepare to defend yourself!

Whew! Who knew you could run so fast? Next time remember to bring with you a dagger, spellbook, or animal sidekick. I never leave home with out my Layman’s Bag of Protections Against Magical Creatures.

You made it to the Cozy Adventure Club library entrance. Once you are inside there will be so many cozy fantasy and sweet adventure romance stories to enjoy. Are you more of a cat whisperer, kitsune tracker, or unicorn handler? Join Cozy Adventure Club and find out.

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