Loves Cats, Anonymous

The werewolf cat has gone viral!

As part of her mission to help all shelter cats find homes, Katrina has become an active member of the Loves Cats online forum. It’s all fun and memes until member Catman007 begins sending her mysterious messages. 

Curiosity getting the best of her, Kat works to uncover the cryptic puzzles, but what started out as entertainment turns to fear when she realizes that there is more at stake here than her precious cats. When she discovers more about a cat smuggling mystery, she begins to fear she’s the one who will need nine lives to survive… 

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5.0 out of 5 stars This slice of life with a dollop of mystery is the cat’s meow!
This is a lighthearted look at the life of cat lover and animal shelter worker, Katrina, and the people and furry friends in her life. The author skillfully sets the stage for mystery, intrigue, and fun. She makes the reader want to know more about the side characters as well. The plot demonstrates how easily someone can be friend-zoned when not communicating one’s feelings. I look forward to more when further secrets are revealed. I recommend this tale for an enjoyable read.

5.0 out of 5 stars Absolutely adorable 
Love cats! This is so cute, well thought out, and well put together. It’s such a fun read for any type of reader! Enjoy as I did! :)

5.0 out of 5 stars Very cute

I’m a total cat lover, so this was a purr-fect fit for me. Willa reminds me of my sweet Tilly, who has since passed. She was a senior cat when I adopted her and was just happy to cuddle up beside me and purr.

Chapter 1: Show Dogs

When cats fly!

A fat, one-eyed calico cat went flying straight for Katrina’s face. Wide-eyed and holding up her hands, she tried to catch it, but upon contact, instead of settling down, the cat clawed at her and tried to climb her red hair to get higher. In the background, she heard barking and hissing.

Who let a dog out?

A very wet, large black-lab mix rounded the corner, claws scampering on the linoleum. He shook himself, throwing water all over Katrina. At the sight of him, the cat scratched her while bounding out of her arms, hiding behind a pile of pet crates. She arched her back, hissing and spitting as the dog tried to get to her. Katrina tried to grab for the dog as he lunged into the crates, but the cat took off again and the dog after her. Katrina chased after them and heard the shake of a bag of treats as someone gave a sharp whistle. Distracted from the cat, the dog took off to another part of the shelter.

“Here, kitty, kitty, kitty…” Before long, Katrina spotted the one-eyed cat hiding on top of one of the cages. At first, the cat hissed as she approached, but Katrina’s familiar presence and soft voice seemed to calm her. “Shhh, it’s all right. The big bad dog is gone. You know, the vet is going to need to look you over again after jumping all over the room in your condition, sweetie pie. How did you get out here in the first place? You must be very clever to get loose.”

With the cat safely secured in her arms, Katrina rounded the corner of Pet Friends Animal Shelter to see her best friend, Patrick, clipping a leash onto the particularly large and energetic dog. It was still soaking wet and jumping all over one of Katrina’s new volunteers that was holding a bag of treats. Katrina looked over the small woman with the pixie haircut who just started today and racked her mind trying to remember her name… Tara.

After getting his charge under control, Patrick wiped his wet hand through his short black hair, making it stick down awkwardly. The dog whined and wiggled his tail as Patrick gave an apologetic half-smile and glanced between her and the volunteer. “I’m sorry. I was giving this big guy a bath, and he got away from me.”

He looked at Tara. “Are you all right, miss? Did he scratch you?”

Katrina watched Tara’s cheeks turn pink. “No, I’m all right.”

Katrina quickly did introductions. “Patrick, this is my new volunteer, Tara. Tara, this is my friend Patrick. He’s in charge of the dogs at Pet Friends, like I’m in charge of the cats.”

Patrick nodded his head. “Nice to meet you, Tara. Hopefully, we will see a lot of you in the future.”

Tara gave him a small shy smile and said quietly, “Likewise. Maybe we’ll run into each other again.” Patrick didn’t seem to notice as the young woman’s eyes followed him. He moved to approach Katrina, but looked down at the dog and backed up instead.

Patrick winced. “Katrina, is your cat all right? Are you okay? It looks like you got a few nasty scratches on your arms, and that one is bleeding a lot. Let me put this big oaf away and I’ll swing by with the first-aid kit.”

Katrina petted the cat, opened an empty cage, and gently laid the cat inside. “Thanks, Patrick. I’m fine, but I would appreciate you picking up the kit. And yes, the cat seems fine, just a little shaken up.”

Patrick nodded his head. “Sounds good.” He led the dog back to the canine area of the shelter.

Katrina turned to Tara, who was watching Patrick as he walked away. It looks like Patrick has an admirer. How cute. “How did the one-eyed cat get out? I thought she was in the cat socialization room?”

Tara averted her eyes. “I’m sorry, it’s my fault she got loose. I was taking her back to her cage because the other cats kept picking on her. She was just trying to lie there and rest, and the others ones would come up on her blind side and pounce on her.”

Laying a hand on Tara’s shoulder, Katrina looked her in the eye. “You never have to apologize for taking care of one of these cats. Thank you for keeping an eye on her. You have been doing great for your first day.”

Glancing back at the cat’s cage, Katrina pursed her lips. “Although, I’m going to have to figure out what to do with this poor girl. She is such a sweetheart, but I too have noticed she’s not thriving here. I’m just afraid that with one of her eyes missing, she won’t find a forever home. I’m going to have to think about what to do with her.”

After a moment’s contemplation, Katrina turned back to Tara with a broad smile. “The cages you already cleaned out are positively sparkling. Do you mind continuing to clean out some more of the cat cages while their tenants are still socializing? I’d really appreciate it, and I’m sure they will too. I’m going to go to the back and get cleaned up so I don’t get any infections or scare away potential adopters.”

Tara’s smile brightened. “Sure thing, you have me for another hour before I have to leave to head back to the college. I’ll get right to work. I love working with these guys, even if it involves an awful lot of cleaning.”

Katrina headed back to the break room and found Patrick digging through their first-aid kit. “Hey, I have some disinfectant and bandages. Wash the blood off, and then I’ll help you with these.”

Katrina walked over to the sink and washed her arms and face with soap and water. “You know, these are really superficial. I can handle this.” She turned around and dabbed her face and arms dry with paper towels.

Shaking his head, Patrick approached with the bandages he’d prepared. “No. I want to take care of you. What are best friends for?” He placed a few bandages down the long scratches of her arm. He worked in silence for a few moments and then leaned down and gently kissed the bandage.

Katrina smiled up at him. “That’s so much better. Thank you for taking care of me. It’s great to know I can always count on you.”

She was so lucky to have such an attentive best friend. He asked more quietly, “Hey, would you be free to get a few drinks with me after work tonight?”

Katrina smiled at him and replied casually, oblivious to his change in tone. “I would love to hang out, we have such a blast together, but can I take a raincheck? I have to get home tonight because I took on a new roommate, and it’s going to take some time to get her settled.”

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