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I have a few stories on Kindle Vella that I am publishing episodically before they are officially published in Kindle Unlimited. You are welcome to wait for the stories to publish in their entirety, or you can get a sneak peek at what’s coming by checking out the stories below. Make sure you sign up for my newsletter that’s written from your favorite characters to get free stories and notified when my new stories are out!

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Loves Cats, Anonymous

The werewolf cat has gone viral!

As part of her mission to help all shelter cats find homes, Katrina has become an active member of the Loves Cats online forum. It’s all fun and memes until member Catman007 begins sending her mysterious messages. 

Curiosity getting the best of her, Kat works to uncover the cryptic puzzles, but what started out as entertainment turns to fear when she realizes that there is more at stake here than her precious cats. When she discovers more about the mystery, she begins to fear she’s the one who will need nine lives to survive… 

You can check out the first three episodes for free: https://www.amazon.com/kindle-vella/story/B09Y8GKF54

Get 10 free episodes of Willa Bloopers: https://dl.bookfunnel.com/yqs4i2iqr0

Outwitting Paradise

A paradise island that isn’t what it seems.

Brianna is stranded on a mostly deserted island full of riddles, puzzles and traps. She is saved by an infuriating mysterious stranger, Nathan Riley. Brianna wins the heart of his little girl and agrees to become her governess on Riley’s Paradise Island.

Brianna is determined to learn the tricks of the island while unraveling the cryptic Nathan and his charming brother Jackson. She is manipulated into falling right into the clutches of a trap. Her and her love’s survival depends on her ability to outwit the island and its inhabitants.   

Check out the first three episodes for free: https://www.amazon.com/kindle-vella/story/B0BHMP95YT

Read the prequel novella, Blundering through Paradise: https://dl.bookfunnel.com/q22azd8n2k

Tea Time with Dragons

Enjoy this series of short and sweet cozy fantasy stories. Meet new residents of Briarhaven and learn more about your favorite beloved characters from Briarhaven including the Practical Guide Series and the the Dire Werewolf of Briarhaven series.

Check out the first three episodes for free: https://www.amazon.com/Tea-Time-with-Dragons/dp/B0CK9MJGGT

Speed Dating a Werewolf

Jally the bounty hunter has pushed love aside in her pursuit of coins and adventure all her life. When her sister convinces her to try speed dating at a local bar, Jally meets a particularly alluring stranger. The question is, will she pursue him because of the bounty on his head, or for true love?

Check out the first three episodes for free: https://www.amazon.com/Speed-Dating-a-Werewolf/dp/B0CMKRR2WF

Catch and Release: Smitten Scientist Series

Mystery and adventure await in the Appalachian mountains!

Electro-fishing and studying wildlife in the mountainous terrain sounded like an exciting way for Diane to spend her summer. But an encounter with her enticing- yet grumpy- neighbor, Evan, proves the adventure is only beginning. Weird symbols carved into trees. Puzzles hidden in local geogaches. Nothing is as it seems in this quiet boreal haven. Can they learn to trust one another and save their mountain oasis?

You can check out the first three episodes for free: https://www.amazon.com/kindle-vella/story/B0BFBMDFXG

Security Breach of the Heart

Sometimes an office job, isn’t so simple.

Adrianna works in a highly secure facility called the Limestone Vault. As a background investigator for security clearances, she uncovers people’s secrets for a living, but the deeper she digs into other people’s pasts, the more she realizes that everything in her own life isn’t as it seems.

After meeting a man with scars from his past, Adrianna ends up incidently matchmaking while trying to navigate her own love life.

Get the first three episodes for free: https://www.amazon.com/kindle-vella/story/B0BHMM6XJD

Practical Guide to Magical Farming

Farming, friendship, and a heap of fairy dust.

Reeling from the buzz and bustle of the city, Lilly has traded in her high heels for a pair of sturdy boots. Yearning for simplicity, she embarks on an unexpected journey to the Wild’s of Briarhaven, where magical dangers lurk around every tree and enchantment is weaved into the very soil.

A light- hearted gaslamp fantasy about an ordinary young woman finding her place in a magical world.

Get the first three episodes for free: https://www.amazon.com/kindle-vella/story/B0CHR152BZ

Vella Author Show

Are you a Kindle Vella author or want to be a Vella author?

Start here to learn from the Professionals! This Vella is a written interview series where authors share how they personally have gained success and overcome specific challenges. Get a step ahead by learning the mistakes other Vella authors made. Get advice from some of the top 100 Vella authors on how they became chart busters . Learn how other’s create and market their stories on Kindle Vella.

You can check out the first three episodes for free: https://www.amazon.com/kindle-vella/story/B0B2NR5VQK

3d book display image of Blundering Through Paradise

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Their thirst for adventure has turned into a fight to survive… Embark on adventure in this prequel novella featuring beloved characters from Puzzling Through Paradise Series.

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