Wolf in Sheep’s Clothing

Bitten by the least expected.

Tala is awarded a golden opportunity to study magical amphibians in the Briarhaven wild’s. She is thwarted by a handsome shepherd shrouded in mystery and contradictions, yet Tala stands resolute in her determination to finish her work. Whatever the consequences.

Zev is a shepherd hiding in the Briarhaven wild’s with a life-threatening secret. When he first meets Tala, he warns her away, afraid she will uncover his full identity. Unexpected twists turn him into Tala’s mentor and Zev realizes he will do anything to protect her.

Wolf in Sheep’s Clothing masterfully blends science and magic to create a unique gaslamp ambiance. This cozy fantasy romance is brimming with secrets, magical creatures and a heroine that stands at the precipice between fate and free will.

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